Green Office

Green Office headed by Wayne Fyvie and Warren Valentine, have developed a strong relationship with QASA and some of the regional branches.

Green office employes quadriplegics and paraplegics in their “cartridge collection” entrepreneurship programme, and this allows members of our Association to generate revenue for themselves through a satellite business.

Green Office also employs quadriplegics at the head office in Pinetown, and this initiative started out of the internship program which QASA ran.

Green Office allocates certain revenues to QASA out of the cartridge collection project and on an annual basis hold a fundraising event in aid of QASA.

Green Office have also started a cycling team, which includes people with disabilities using hand cycles.

The potential of this relationship in partnership has not even nearly begun, and this is a healthy and functional way of establishing our members in entrepreneurship projects, employment opportunities and entry into business.
Michelle de Nysshen is the contact person at Green Office tel: 031 702 3050 or visit

Goodman Mabele and Michael Thulani Ngcondo are employed by Green Office.

The Green Office Cycle Team

The Green Office Cycle Team is one of Green Office’s upliftment projects. The Green Office Cycle Team take part in cycle events throughout the year in order to support and promote the physical strengths of the individuals who are mobility impaired. The team has four hand cyclists who, by being on the team help create awareness and motivation for people with mobility impairments.

The Green Office Cycle Team crossing the finish line at the 2008 Amashovashova Event.

Swaziland Disabled Peoples Org

At the request of Bheki Ngwenya, a very motivated paraplegic in Swaziland, the national director of QASA made his first visit to this area.

Bheki Ngwenya, the first member of Parliament in the Swaziland government with a disability.

As a result of this, there is now a flourishing quadriplegic and paraplegic Association going, and Bheki is now the first member of Parliament in the Swaziland government with a disability.

QASA provides assistive devices and wheelchairs to this association.


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Driving Devices
Members of the Swaziland Disabled Peoples Organisation
Australian Quadriplegic Association

QASA has established a relationship with the Australian Quadriplegic Association, as well as the ParaQuad Association. This relationship resulted from  a visit  by QASA National Director to the Australian Quadriplegic Association in Melbourne.  There is a regular communication channel between the Australian Quadriplegic Association and the ParaQuad Association and QASA.

The national director at the offices of the Australian Quadriplegic Association

Christopher Reeve

QASA has an ongoing relationship with the Christopher Reeve Paralysis Foundation.

This has been an important partnership for QASA over the many years. The National Director of QASA had the opportunity to spend some time with Christopher Reeve in New York and a friendship was developed.

Funding was received from the foundation for some of QASA’s projects.

The relationship presently is one of an exchange of information around research for cure.

Christopher Reeves & Ari Seirlis Christopher Reeves & Ari Seirlis
Christopher Reeves & Ari Seirlis Christopher Reeves & Ari Seirlis
Ari Seirlis, QASA National Director, visits Christopher Reeves in his home